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About Us

Mai Tie is a lifestyle apparel company with a mission of spreading the Hawaiian “Aloha” spirit to the Mainland. We are a brand focused on fun & style, being laid back but also staying connected to your community. 

Mai Tie was started by two California transplants by way of Hawaii who strive to bring a little bit of island living to city life.

Our flagship product is a vintage bow tie made from upcycled Aloha shirts.  Every bow tie is handmade in the USA and every bow tie has its own story, as it came from an Aloha shirt that someone once wore. Since each shirt yields just two bow ties, Mai-Tier’s know that their bow ties are very unique and different. These are not your average bow ties!

Our second product line is our Wedding Line. The material for these bow ties is sourced from fabric produced in Hawaii with patterns that reflect traditional Hawaiian designs.  As these bow ties are made from fabric vs. recycled shirts, they are perfect for weddings where the groom and groomsmen would like to match. Of course these ties are also great on any occasion- not just for weddings!

At Mai Tie we believe in capturing the Aloha spirit in everything we do. We believe in leisure, in slowing down and appreciating the scenery around you. We also believe in fostering community and giving back to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Currently all our fabric is sourced directly from Hawaii, but our goal for the future is to grow the business enough so that we can also move production there and offer employment opportunities to the locals- particularly Hawaiian retirees.  

We hope you'll support our mission by purchasing a bow tie today!  And don't be shy, we'd love to hear from you with feedback or even new product ideas. 

Cormick believes in 3 things:  
1. Aloha Fridays
2. Instagram fame
3. ABB: Always be bow-tying
bow tie photography
Jen thinks everyone should get married by Elvis wearing Mai Ties
Jen thinks everyone should get married by Elvis while wearing Mai ties