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Where to Buy Bow Ties Online

April 01, 2018

Where to Buy Bow Ties Online

 premium vintage bow tie from Mai Tie  

Men’s fashion has undergone a considerable transformation over the course of the past decade or so, with more men opting to mix and match between the classic and the avant garde. Bow ties are an example of a classic men’s accessory currently experiencing a renaissance as more men wear them to complement their wardrobes. As a fashion statement, bow ties are one of the best accessories to showcase a man’s personality and individualism as they come in a range of colors and fabrics that are not usually seen in other areas of clothing. Once relegated to older men and certain events, the current bow tie craze has a following that includes everyone from teens to yuppies, hipsters to businessmen and everyone in between. With so many men (and women) re-discovering the refined brilliance of bow ties, there are now more companies than ever clamoring to meet the growing demand.

Of course, finding the best of the best online can be a daunting task for the fashion forward, but there are more than a few companies releasing collections that encompass everything from vintage to wedding bow ties for those special occasions.

The Essential Questions for Bow Tie Brilliance

Before investing in bow ties, there are some questions that every potential wearer should be asking themselves that can help determine the best kind to wear to complement a look:

  • Which bow ties best complement your dress shirts?
  • What are the differences between a regular bow tie and a premium bow tie?
  • Which bow tie fabrics work best for an office look?

Perfecting a great look with a bow ties doesn’t just happen automatically and requires a bit of research if you are truly a lover of fashion. The greatest thing about bow ties is how versatile they are and the range in which they are available. From solid colors to patterns, silk to satin, there are an expansive range of options available for aficionados to indulge in.


Top Online Contenders for Bow Ties

How often is it that you find an elaborate selection of bow ties that speak to your personal tastes? The answer is rarely and that is where online companies come in, taking up the slack of bigger, more mainstream companies by providing customers with stylish bow ties that are not typically offered in ordinary department stores. Once you have determined the style aesthetic you want to achieve through one of the most fashionable of accessories, you will then need to find out which bow tie companies in the United States offer the best selection of premium bow ties that boast expert craftsmanship and premium quality.


The Bow Tie Sartorial Shortlist

Beau Ties  

For a quirky, flamboyant touch that is altogether festive, Beau Ties Ltd. has a range of bow ties that have been created to make a statement that is impossible to ignore and eye-catching in every way. Although they offer more traditional versions of their quality bow ties, they are known for their more colourful releases that are designed for men who are not afraid to veer away from the conventional to create a signature look.

 Collared Greens Bow Ties

 As the first of its kind, Collared Greens’ passion for creating eco-friendly quality apparel is unprecedented. Proudly made in the USA, this brand celebrates the American spirit with a fresh selection that is versatile enough for the daily grind or those very special, one-off occasions.

 The Tie Bar Bow Ties


For over a decade, The Tie Bar has been directing men towards a more eclectic range of bow ties that are not only affordable, but created for the serious sartorialist. Although their bow ties are made in the US, they are an international company whose mission statement is to assist every man in achieving his best look yet.

 Nordstrom Bow TiesNordstrom may be a mainstream department store, but their selection of premium accessories is exceptional, with their online collections of ties encompassing some of the most respected and celebrated brands around. From the standard, tried and true business bow ties to those produced by up and coming labels, the full range is literally at your fingertips and you simply cannot go wrong.


Mai Tie logo 

New to the industry, but definitely a serious contender, Mai Tie is a lifestyle company whose collection of vintage Hawaii inspired bow ties made from recycled Aloha shirts have brought color and charisma to tie enthusiasts throughout the States and beyond. Their debonair approach to quality accessories is tailored to stand out at any event, from the typical and mundane, to the unconventional and formal. Their bow ties have breathed new life into the industry and have become a perennial favorite of city dwellers and those that dare to attack the concrete jungles in singular style.


Final Thoughts

What is your current stance on bow ties? As an accessory that any man of substance should own, now is the time to take the plunge and dive into unique designs that captivate and exude a true sense of individuality in style.

Let us know which bow ties you love for styling it up. Drop a comment below!

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