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Chic Ways to Style Wedding Bow Ties

June 15, 2018

Chic Ways to Style Wedding Bow Ties

That next big wedding day is great opportunity to wear a bow tie. They are stylish, classy, and also make a statement about your personality and fashion sense. They are also a great way to spice up an already chic outfit. Not many men have it in them to wear bow ties, but a man with confidence, the right style, and the willingness to take a risk can make any bow tie look fashionable, fun, and stylish. 

If you’re attending a wedding soon and plan on wearing a bow tie, you should be thinking about chic ways you can style your bow tie to make it stand out and complement your outfit. But which one do you go for on the big day? Black tie? White tie? A multi-colored bow tie? Here are some of our best tips to go with your dinner jacket or tuxedo and stand out in the wedding party. 

It’s all in the Style 

Bow ties come in all sorts of different fabrics, shapes, and patterns. They can be made of feather, silk, satin, wool, and even wood. There are formal bow ties, casual bow ties, and bow ties you can wear for any occasion, ranging from: 


Clip-on bow ties are quick, easy, and not so formal. They’re a great option if you’re in a pinch for time or have a last minute invitation. 


Pre-ties are adjustable and more convincing than clip-ons and they never lose their shape. 


Traditional bow ties are classy, elegant, and always the best option. It can be a bit challenging to learn how to tie them at first but gets easier with time. They are easily adjustable and can be tied in several ways for different looks. They are neat, sleek, and always classy. 

When attending a wedding, you should lean towards wearing a self-tie bow tie. They look classier, are much cleaner, and add a nice touch to suits. While pre-tied and clip-on bow ties can add style and personality to any outfit, they tend to look less elegant and less tasteful. To get a chic look, always opt for a self-tie bow tie.

The Shapes 

Styling your bow tie for a wedding will depend on the type of wedding you’re going to, the dress code, and, of course, your outfit. Bow ties can be styled into many different shapes, giving them character and adding flair to any suit. 

The Diamond Tip 

This unique style (often called the James Bond bow tie) features diamond shaped edges. Diamond tip bow ties are asymmetrical and very popular among younger crowds. 

Diamond tip bow ties are sleek with angular lines and are a great way to accessorize any suit for a clean look. 

The Butterfly 

The butterfly shape is a classic style that can be used for many occasions, giving its wearer a traditional look that is timeless. This is one of the most common shapes and is great for any occasion. 

The Batwing 

Less formal than the butterfly shape, the batwing bow tie is clean and modern. It is a great accessory if you are looking for a bow tie that carries a modern feel. The batwing bow tie is very straight and slim. Considered the bow tie alternative to a regular skinny tie, batwing bow ties are small in shape and are usually no more than two inches wide. This shape gives bow ties a clean, symmetrical look.

Choosing the Right Color 

Depending on the dress code for the wedding you will be attending, you may have various different color options to choose from for your bow tie. If you are attending a wedding that calls for black tie, you are best suited to wear a black satin bow tie.  If the wedding you are attending has more of a casual dress code, you have the option of coordinating the color of your bow tie with the suit you are wearing. As an added touch, a great way to add style to your bowtie is to coordinate it with a pocket square or matching shirt. 

If you’re going to a formal wedding that requires black or white ties, you should stick to a self-tie to avoid looking cheap. Use a traditional shape like a butterfly bow and keep it simple. 

The White Bow Tie 

The White Bow TieWhite bow ties are perfect for summer and spring weddings. They are elegant and extremely classy and are great to pair with a black shirt and white dapper. The all-white look is chic and stylish, giving your outfit a clean, crisp, and ultra stylish feel. 

Tip: white bow ties look great when they are combined with a dark tuxedo that has a good shine to it and a plain white shirt. 

The Black Bow Tie 

If you opt for the classic black bow tie but want to add a little bit of flair and individuality to your outfit, there are lots of ways you can make it stand out. You can do this by wearing a shined or patterned suit as opposed to regular fabric. You can also pair a black bow tie with a metallic or dark gray coat and a plain white shirt. 

Colored/Patterned Bow Tie 

If the wedding you are attending has more of a casual dress code, feel free to liven up your bow tie game by adding a pattern or color that suits your personality. If you don’t take yourself too seriously and like to make a statement, colors, and patterns can be a great way to spruce up your outfit. Examples of different patterns include: 

  • Floral
  • Plaid
  • Paisley
  • Checks
  • Neutrals 

Craft Your Look with a Great Bow Tie! 

Craft your wedding look by adding the right style and flair to your bow tie. Choose a look and style that best describes you and your personality. It should make you stand out and separate you from everyone else. 

Whether you’re attending a formal wedding or a casual wedding, your bow tie is the perfect accessory to add style and flair to your outfit. Show confidence in your bow tie by choosing a style that you like, matching it with the right colors, and using your own personality to set yourself apart from everyone else. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our collection of handmade bow ties made from fabric produced in Hawaii that are guaranteed to add style and fun to your outfit.

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