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5 Hawaii Clothing Designers You Need to Know

July 19, 2018

Hawaii Clothing Designers You Need to Know

Hawaiian life is unique, culturally diverse, and represents a culture that is filled with tradition and history. It is fun, free-flowing, and representative of a unique and ethnically diverse culture. Hawaii’s fashion scene mirrors just this. From laid-back looks to free-flowing dresses and classic and modern beachwear, Hawaiian fashion is the epitome of island life. 

Hawaiian fashion evokes the spirit of Hawaii and draws inspiration from Hawaiian culture, traditions, and island life. As a culturally and ethnically diverse part of the world, the islands of Hawaii are home to unique trends, styles, and designs created by clothing designers who capture the spirit of Hawaii in their own unique way. These designers are inspired by Hawaii’s racially and culturally diverse islands and each brings out the Aloha spirit in their designs, as inspired by island life. 

Here are five Hawaii clothing designers you absolutely need to know. 

1. Salt Liko 

Salt Liko has been creating contemporary resort wear for women on the go since 2012. Intrinsically and uniquely designed, Salt Liko clothing is comfortable wear that doesn’t sacrifice style. 

Salt Liko clothing draws inspiration from the culturally diverse melting pot that is Hawaii. The Salt Liko team consists of Brandy Serikaku, Kuha’o Zane, and Matt Bruening, each born and raised in Hawaii. The exclusive and original prints produced by the team at Salt Liko are inspired by Hawaiian landscapes and destinations—whether it is the ocean, the mountains, or the beaches. 

Salt Liko designs clothing that shows off and embraces Hawaiian culture. Inspired by Hawaiian island life, Salt Liko clothing offers comfortable cuts and flattering designs, allowing people to feel good in easy-to-wear clothing wherever they go. 

2. Deb Mascia 

Deborah Mascia has an energetic and unique personality which is mirrored in her unique vintage fabrics and designs. As a clothing designer, business owner, creative director, and interior stylist, Deb Mascia has traveled the world and designed chic clothing that has been worn by celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes. 

Deb Mascia grew up in Australia, where she first started her fashion career selling and creating handmade vintage clothing. She moved to Hawaii in 2001 with her husband and began creating unique vintage Hawaiian clothing which is popular all over the world today. 

As an eco-conscious designer, Deb Mascia uses her unique skill to repurpose vintage Hawaiian materials into clothing items which are bought all over the world. As the owner and founder of MUUMUU HEAVEN, a popular vintage clothing brand based out of Hawaii, Deb Mascia uses her skills and talent to create clothing that represents the ocean, music, and her love for the earth. 

Deb Mascia has used her over 20 years of experience to show that sustainable local fashion can be a thing of the future. As a green-minded designer of clothing that is trendy and retired from vintage fabrics and clothes, this unique designer based out of Hawaii is artistic, resourceful, and, most of all, talented. 

3. Koa Johnson 

Koa Johnson is a one-of-a-kindKoa Johnson is a one-of-a-kind, creative fashion designer who uses his remarkable imagination to create custom, sometimes unconventional designs that are not only beautiful but show an artistic shine and willingness to use innovation in fashion. With a stellar understanding of the female figure, Koa Johnson uses unconventional materials like tablecloths, garbage bags, ti leaves, feathers, and even wire screens to create gowns that are stunning and unique. As an instructor at the UH for the Maui Fashion Technology program, Johnson is an expert at what he does. He also makes beautiful bridal and pageant gowns made of fabrics like satin, velvet, and chiffon. 

Johnson states that every design he creates has an emotional connection to him. Focused on art and diversity, Johnson is a unique designer who references Hawaii as one of his major inspirations. 

4. Reyn Spooner 

Reyn Spooner, an American fashion company inspired by Hawaiian island life and founded in 1956, celebrates the pleasures of life in Hawaii. Reyn Spooner creates shirts, sweaters, swimwear and casual wear for men and kids with the hopes of replacing cliche, poorly-fitting Hawaiian shirts as a stylish alternative. 

Reyn Spooner clothing offers a new wave of Hawaiian shirts and fresh styles. Reyn McCullough, founder of Reyn Spooner and also known as the king of Hawaiian shirts, visited Hawaii in the ‘50s and built his reputation as he grew in popularity. Today, Reyn Spooner has seven retail stores throughout Hawaii and also sells clothing in the United States. 

Included in the Reyn Spooner line are button down long shirts, two pocket short sleeves, and long sleeves as well as Aloha-print board shorts for men. With a long history, Reyn Spooner has maintained Hawaiian tradition in its clothing since 1956. 

5. Manuheali‘i 

This family owned and operated fashion company has been creating unique fashion designs since 1982. With ever-changing and unique designs, the Manuheali‘i style is intricate, vibrant, and celebrates Hawaii’s beauty and culture. 

The Manuheali‘i collection represents the distinct island lifestyle so unique to Hawaii and evokes the unique culture and people of Hawaii.  Manuheali‘i has contemporary Hawaiian print clothing that is easy fitting for men, women, and children. The clothing is modern, polished and comes in the form of men's Aloha shirts, beautifully crafted sweetheart dresses, and innovative looks which feature modern styles and trends.

Hawaiian Fashion That Works for You 

Hawaiian clothing and fashion designers are unique. They convey the essence of what it is like to be a Hawaiian and evoke a tropical beauty that represents the rich, beautiful culture of Hawaii. 

Hawaiian fashion and clothing designers are some of the most unique in the industry. If you're interested in unique Hawaiian fashion, check out our collection of limited edition vintage Hawaiian bow ties that are handmade and full of traditional, authentic Hawaiian patterns. With vibrant colors and unique designs, our vintage Hawaiian bow ties are made from repurposed Aloha shirts, making each bow tie one-of-a-kind. Sport a vintage Hawaiian bow tie today and capture the Hawaiian look that works for you!


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