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10 Pretty Crazy Facts About Bow Ties

May 23, 2018

largest bow tie in the world

"To its devotees, the bow tie suggests iconoclasm of an Old World sort…. the bow tie hints at intellectualism, real or feigned…”

 ~Warren St John, The New York Times.


Bow ties have a long and winding history, having been the accessory of choice for many notable men and women through the ages. Below are some of the cooler facts we came across relating to this prominent fashion piece.

Mo Bridges

    Bow Tie Fact #1: Mo Bridges, the youngest millionaire in the world, started amassing his fortune at age 9. His grandmother taught him how to sew and the plucky tyke began selling bow ties around his neighborhood. His niche market expanded to Etsy, and now he owns a renowned online store that sells his creations worldwide.
      Bow Tie Fact #2: After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran banned the sales of bow ties as well as traditional neckties. Calling them a symbol of Western Decadence.

        Diane Kruger in a bow tie80s girl in a bow tie .  

           Bow Tie Fact #3: In the 1980’s bow ties made the gender leap. Professional woman, especially in law and the corporate world started donning the neck apparel as a tongue-in-cheek poke at yuppies and their Wall-street overlords. Their love for the statement translated in a spike of 6 million new units sold.
          Bow Tie Fact #4: The “one size fits” all bow tie is a rather contemporary invention. Most traditional and posh heavy bow ties of yesteryear were carefully crafted to specific neck sizes and situations.
            Steve Urkel Bow Tie Wearer
            Bow Tie Fact #5: Lobbyists in the bow tie industry have always worked in unison with Hollywood. Sales of the item being intricately coupled to the mood of the Silver Screen. The upstart Silicon Valley sway of the neckwear, given the adrenaline fix by Bill Gates, was a fluke that took a monkey wrench to Hollywood's plans. Their fix? In the 70s-90s, the stereotypical Hollywood nerd was born in order to work within the new paradigm. 
              Bow Tie Fact #6: Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is without a doubt one of the most iconic bow tie enthusiasts out there. The man’s legendary fluffy, absent-minded professor, red collar designs are an anchor in bow tie history. The reason why he’s so obsessed with the fashion accouterment is a remarkable and quite funny story.
                Bill Nye in a bow tie “My grandfather attended a  convention in Philadelphia… in those days you rented a tuxedo and it came with an untied bow tie. He didn’t know how to tie a bow tie so he took a chance and went to the hotel next door and asked, ‘excuse me can you teach me how to tie my tie’ and the guest said, ‘sure, just lay down on the bed.’… The guy tied the perfect bow tie. Quite reasonably my grandfather said, ‘thank you, but why did I have to lay down on the bed?’… the guy simply said, ‘I’m an undertaker, it's the only way I know how to do it.’
                Pringles Bow TiePlayboy Bow Tie
                Bow Tie Fact #7: Pringles, KFC, Playboy and others share the vintage bow tie as one of the most identifying pieces in their marketing campaign.

                  Largest bow tie in the world

                  Bow Tie Fact #8: in 2014, a San Diego resident made headlines and tattooed his name into the Guinness World Records by making the biggest bow tie in the world. The 15ft long and 7ft tall publicity stunt for his bow tie shop needed the help of the whole neighborhood just to tie the knot. 

                  Bow Tie Fact #9: As of 2012, August 28, has joined the ranks of worldwide weird holidays. It is the National Bow Tie Day. The perfect day to rock your bow tie and  celebrate this quirky neckwear.

                    bow tie duel

                    Bow Tie Fact #10: Consider yourself lucky to be in the 21st century! During a certain period of our crazy history, touching a man’s tie knot was a cause for a duel.

                      What about you? Did you enjoy this article?  Know any random bow tie facts? We'd love to hear from you below!


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